The digital cinema lift is the primary innovation which allows Boothless Cinema to exist.  With the extinction of film as a medium for theatres, the digital projector is the obvious successor.  The digital projector is a smaller and more compact projector than that of film and the digital content is streamed in gigabytes versus the enormous racks of film used in the past.  All in all, these attributes of the digital projector have released some strain on the architects and theatre chains as a whole.  With no need to house these projectors in a separate room built high above an auditorium (usually a superfluous second floor), newly designed digital theatres are celebrating the cost saving of building theatres without the booth but the question remains:  Where do you house the projector? 

The answer lies in the Auditorium Projector Lift (APL) by CineGenesis Inc.  The APL is a digital cinema lift which houses the digital projector within the auditorium itself allowing for incredible savings as well as a sleek and modern look in the auditoriums.  The APL digital cinema lift is completely enclosed and insulated for sound, temperature and light.  This digital cinema lift rises to an optimal projection height during the show and then is capable of descending safely and slowly to the rest on the floor for easy monthly maintenance. 

The APL comes equipped with a projector housing that is interchangeable for any future designs or innovations.  All models of the digital cinema lift come with a lifting capacity of no less than 600lbs to hoist any projector and 3D unit or any other digital accoutrement.  By designing for Boothless Cinema and using a digital cinema lift (such as the Auditorium Projector Lift [APL]) in conjunction with other technologies offered by CineGenesis Inc, theatre owners can provide the newest in digital technology as well as cutting down building costs and embrace the freedom of auditorium autonomy.