CineGenesis, Inc. is comprised of the most influential individuals to affect the Cinema Exhibition industry to date.  The name, “CineGenesis” illustrates, literally, the beginnings of Cinema Exhibition, as we know it today and present-day Cinema wouldn’t be where it is without the contributions from CineGenesis’ team.  CineGenesis, Inc. is President, Larry Jacobson, Executive Vice President, Dick Walsh and Vice President of Operations, Spencer Jacobson.

CineGenesis, Inc.’s roots stem with American Multi-Cinema (AMC) where Larry Jacobson acted as Senior Vice President and Dick Walsh acted as Film Chairman of AMC.   Both Mr. Jacobson and Mr. Walsh were with AMC nearly from its inception and have a combined experience of over 75 yrs. in the industry.  The two were responsible for nearly every cinematic and exhibition innovation that we take for granted every day.  The list of individual accomplishments is too great to list here but we’re going to try:

-Designed and built the first ever MegaPlex

-Invention of the Cup Holder

-Inventors of the Love Seat

-First to introduce Stadium Seating to the industry

-Established the modern model for Film Brokering used today

-Invention and implementation of Boothless Cinema

The CineGenesis founders have also held many positions of influence within the industry such as President of the Inter-Society, former Co-Chair of the NATO Technical Committee, member of the Technical Committee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, and the International Cinema Technology Association (formerly ITEA).

The personnel which makes up CineGenesis, Inc. has negotiated the Real Estate and Film Distribution agreements with the studios and have personally designed, furnished and operated over 3000 screens to date.  There is no one in the industry or in the world, that has built, designed and operated more screens than the team of CineGenesis, Inc.  Many of these innovations took place during the tenures of AMC but CineGenesis, Inc. has also designed cinemas for Kerasotes Theatres, Solomon Theatres, Santa Rosa Entertainment, and consulted for Warner Brothers International, Warner Mycal theatres, Harman Kardon Industries, Dolby Laboratories, Lucas Arts, THX and many others.