CineGenesis, Inc prides itself on its capability of offering complete, turn-key solutions for your next project.  CineGenesis, Inc is equipped with every vendor needed to completely build and operate your Theatre or Venue.  CineGenesis removes the hassle of negotiating the multitude of vendors needed to build a Theatre.  We are a one-stop shop.  We work with our own team of architects for the latest, cutting-edge designs and we are Authorized dealers to every Vendor to account for every facet of the Theatre: Audio, Video, POS systems, Carpet, Seats, Acoustical Treatments, Concessions, Control Rooms, Front Ends, Ticketing, Showcases, etc

As a customer, you receive one project quote instead of a hundred.  It’s the simplest way to become an Exhibitor.  We’re a comfort to the seasoned Exhibitor and we’re the best entry to the Exhibition Industry for a newcomer.  

CineGenesis…Where Cinema Begins.